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My Internet Manifesto

By Zeke Osorio

The Internet Today

The internet has always fascinated me, my love for the world wide web has been ther since i was little, and i still love it. However, i feel like the internet has become more censored and more restrective, It has became more of a way for companies to thrive and become less about you. Big companies stealing our data, unjustifed bans of accounts and platforms. trackers on every website yopu go to, Ads upon ads upon ads, and just overall the internet has become less personalized and more sterile and boring.

Look at Instagram, Look at Twitter, Look at Youtube or Reddit. These platforms have become the standard for sharing content, but they all have that same, boring, and sterile design. This need to have a more personalized, more expressive way of sharing is the reason why I have started this website.

Why make a personal website like this?

I have tried several different webhosting platforms like Squarespace, Wix, etc. But none have compared to neocities and the type of community it has. It has such an expressive community and open for friends and critism. you have more freedom then any other platform you see today, and it is so welcoming and friendly. Sure, making a website written entirely in HTML and CSS maybe time consuming, but it's a true learning experience. Every single website is personal and genuine and you can ask so many users for any suggestions or for help (me included, no need to hesitate lol). This platform that I have grown on explored for the last couple of years have made me become a better persson and make me feel welcomed and loved. That's why I love neocities, The community is welcoming and friendly, so many resources and helpful people, and it's a place free of censorship and big compaines stealing our data. It truly is a good breath of fresh air among the countless other boring aand sterile websites we have been accustomed to.

How do I make a website like yours?

There are countless different resources to give you a good start on HTML, you can check out the Neocities Tutorial Page or countless W3 Schools Tutorial Pages. There is also Sadgrl's Webmastery page for tips and resources to make your website look STYLISH!

How can I involve myself in communities?

Well you can start at the Yesterweb Homepage for countless places to talk to others, that's where I got my start after all. You can also put other people's 88x31 buttons on your own website or even make your own! There are so many resources you can look for and search.


The internet has become a more..neutral world but websites like neocities teach people that, websites and internet content don't have to be so boring. Let's make the internet more fun again!

thank you for reading my manifesto :)

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