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Going to A Trampoline Park

Published February 24th, 2022 11:42 AM

Yesterday, Me and my friends Quentin and Faye went downtown to go to a trampoline park. It was very exciting nad now I have all of these pictures and videos that i can show you all! Here's what happened.

First, i decided to walk and it was actually nice out so it was perfect for me to walk. It took a total of 39 minutes to walk for me and I took some photos of me walking and things I saw.

After that, I eventually arrived and once I did, I saw two EMT WORKERS DRAG SOMEONE OUT ON A STRECHER. Me and my friends that just arrived wehre in complete shock, but after they left we took some pictures outside before we came in.

Once we went in, we jumped around in different areas, Quentin kept doing flips and other stuff while I was spending money on Icees and food. (im honestly still suprised I had enough money to pay for this month's neocities supporter thing) We actually went into a photo booth and took some pictures in there but i don't know where i put the picture, so once i find them i'll post it on here.

After that, we left to go to differnt places, Me and Quentin styed together and went to his house, he showed me the outside and let me hangout in there for a while. He even showed me his original xbox from 2001! (video shown below)
Click here to watch the video in full quality.

It was so fun meeting his mom and exploring his house, there was so many cool things he had in his room, like other old consoles, a cool pc he got, other nintendo stuff, and SOO MANY battery packs and other charging stuff. I really liked the look of the outside of his house. It looked so cool and had like a vibe of an old friend's house you would go to when you were younger. After we hung out his mom was so nice enough to drive me home since my mom was at her job in The bronx.

I waved goodbye and as soon as i went home, I wrote this blog post that you are reading right now. This post took so long to make and i learned some cool new things.

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