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My Radio Experience

Published April 28th, 2022

For years, I have been in LOVE with radio and the idea of running my own radio station. It even came to the point of 8-9 year old me visitng iHeartRadio headquarters in New York to speak on the radio! Ever since then, I have had a hyperfixation on all things radio. Back in August of 2021, I worked on the foundations of my radio station, for a while it was just a playlist of a couple of songs for about 7 months until recently when I launched JACKHOUSE Radio onto Neocities. I started to add more songs, invite my friends on, make new friends, share my station with other radio geeks and Neocities users, and even made a call-in number to request songs on, just like the radio stations I looked up to.

Update: I now work at WVOX/WVIP as a Board Operator and Show Curator.

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