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My New Haircut

Published February 22st, 2022 10:06 AM

Haircuts, they happen everyday since now people can go back to getting their hair trimmed again. Yesterday, I got one for myself after having a big ball of poofiness known as my hairstyle. I have curly hair and generally you aren't allowed to really comb it in a certain way or else it'll become frizzy and poofy. Gernerally I'd try not to but my urge to make my hairstyle look perfect got the best of me, so everyday people would see me with a big poofy hair style. It would very noticeable for everyone i knew, once they saw a person with poofy hair and glasses they thought "Oh! that's Jason!". So finally after months of not cutting my hair, we finally decided to get a haircut.

ignore my dirty mirror

Honestly, It wasn't that bad. I have had many different haircuts before but this has to be my favorite, It has the right amount of trimage I wanted and you still had some poof. My hair was very long but since my hair is curly it just beame a big poof of hair, so i guess i'll stay with this haircut for a while.

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