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I'm So Tired

Published March 18th, 2022 2:50 PM
editors note: this blog post was made by a very tired and upset jason, if you dont wanna read my incoherent writing and typos then please read my other posts, they're much more pleasent to read :)

My god im genuienly so burnt out. i'm not gonna bother correcting typos so deal with it. i'mn sorry ih avent been posting recently, i have just been so busy but mostly tired. school is a big pain and the amount of drama that has happened over this week at this school has made it unbearable. all of my friends come up to me talking about drama dram drama, and it is so tirng having to hear the same thing everyday between classes. "oh this person be spreading rumors" or "oh this happened to this person." or "oh my ex did this and that" im so done of hearing everyone's problems. i came to school to atleast have fun with my friends, not hear thier unessacary drama 5 days a week. i have always loved teachers and i made good friends swith some of them, but the wokr they giuvbe is too much. i genuienly cry when i realize how much wqork i have due. and im so tired of some of them. my last period teacher (which is the one im typing this in rn) is the most rude and demanding. she accuses people of cheating, lying, talking, when we dont do anyhting loike that. it's so tiring to hear a single word come out of her monotone voice. all i'm hearing right now is her saying "Silence!" or "shhhhh!" LIKE I GRT IT ENOIUGH IM TRIED OF HEARING YOUR VOICE LIKE IM SO TIRED. WHY IS SCHOOL SO TIRED AND SO DRAINING IM SO DONE PLEASE!

thank you for reading lol

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