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About Me!

This is my current ID photo (circa. 2021)


Hi! My name is Zeke and I live in a small town in New York city. I am 17 years old and I have basically have built this site from the ground up for almost two or three years! Now here is my history of my journey here.

"Humble" Beginnings

Oh boy where do I even begin? I was born somewhere in the Bronx in the good old year of 2005, we lived there until I was five and moved to a different city in New York. I was always very energetic and very social, although i was very expressive and thoguth very differntly from others. I was dignosed with ADHD at around 9 years old due to the fact that i couldn't focus AT ALL.

But Now my ADHD is a lot less noticeable and I focus alot better now!

Me & The Internet

I have always been fascinated with the internet, I was attracted to it at a very young age. i vividly rmember waking up my dad in his room to go use the computer everyday after school and i was so excited to see what i could explore on the internet. I have made so many websites as far back as 2015! I was a big nerd for websites and content creation on the internet that I have had so many accounts on sits like Blogger, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc so it was safe to say I have (and still do) a big place in my heart for the World Wide Web.

What I do Now

Currently, I am a junior in highschool and I am working on this site during my spare time (which is very limited atm). Schoolwork is very stressful especially when you have a school district that only cares about schoolwork and not the wellbeing of students and overall toxic behavior. But not to worry! I will always try my best to stay active on my site now matter what. I also manage JACKHOUSE Radio playing new songs i find from my friends and other people i know!

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